Daisy's Delights brand market leader donutmachine manufacturer company.

We are an Hungarian company,our factory and the accountancy office is in Hungary.
Tremendous number of people have enjoyed our sweets at shopping centers festivals and markets throughout the country.
On our website, we hope to provide you with all the information you need about our business.

It is the privilege of our firm Daisy's Delights brand (hereafter DD) to offer you some ideas if you intend to launch a highly profitable new business
or just to add another profile to your already running enterprises. Success may often depend on a single bright idea.


'What to sell, what would be really successful?' - This is, indeed, the first question that would occur to anyone.
Success and profits depend mostly on consumers' customs in a given environment but
there are always some invariable and reliable starting points, which can be expressed by DD's triple motto:
• Best Design
• Best Quality
• Best Prices
Please check out some of our quality product suggestions from our stockpile - far from being complete here .
The machinery and equipment we offer will be able to produce almost any other similar food product in quick serials which is a warrant for success.
The products listed on the following pages are not only universally beloved due to their taste but are proven to result in a 700% to 1000% profit-margin.
Following these basics, we go on continuously developing and enriching our stockpile,
and will be always prepared to fulfill any individual request or order of our business partners and customers.